Ostrich Leather

More Than Looks, Ostrich Leather Has It All
Genuine ostrich leather is soft, chic, and durable. Ostrich boots, ostrich dress shoes, ostrich wallets, and ostrich handbags are the epitome of comfort and fashion.
The exquisite speckled pattern of ostrich leather has been highly sought after for over fifty years. Its recognizable look is an instant fashion statement as ostrich handbags, ostrich boots, ostrich shoes, or ostrich wallets. The soft feel of ostrich leather is the epitome of comfort, and the rarity of the exotic skin lends it an aura of prestige.
Ostrich leather, in its natural state, is a beige, or calf color and is spotted in a distinctive pattern. The speckled quill marks appear in each socket where a feather sprouted from the bird’s skin.
Because of its elegant pattern and lovely camel color, ostrich skin is hard to improve upon with artificial dies. Ostrich leather holds dies extremely well though, opening a rainbow of possibilities.

Many people gladly opt for pieces made from pigskin or similar leather which is embossed to resemble the ostrich skin’s distinctive pattern. Embossing leather is a mechanical process which uses high pressure to apply a pattern to leather.
Trouble arises when less reputable dealers attempt to pass off embossed ostrich leather as genuine. It’s often difficult for someone who doesn’t work in leather to distinguish genuine ostrich from embossed leather.
If the leather’s speckled pattern is uniformly distributed, it’s a good clue another animal hide has been embossed to look like ostrich leather. Genuine ostrich leather has a quill pattern that is unique and naturally random. Additionally, every ostrich skin is different. This means that no two ostrich leather wallets, or ostrich handbags will ever be exactly the same. The best way for buyers to be certain of ostrich leather’s authenticity is to do their research and shop from reputable sellers.
Ostrich Leather Wallets, Handbags, Boots and Shoes Last a Lifetime
Ostrich leather is soft, but surprisingly also one of the toughest skins. In ancient times, ostrich leather capes and garments were prized not only for their beauty and comfort, but for their strength and resistance to the weather.
At first touch, it’s easy to understand the benefits of this soft and durable skin. Pliable ostrich leather is a favorite of designers for creating anything from gloves, to boots, to bags, to blazers. The suppleness of ostrich skin also ensures that jackets or other articles of clothing made with these skins will be exceptionally comfortable.
Additionally, ostrich leather has natural oils which the skin retains over time. These oils enable ostrich leather to resist drying and cracking. Ostrich handbags, ostrich wallets, ostrich boots, and ostrich dress shoes only grow more beautiful as they are touched and worn.
Ostrich leather is one of the most durable hides. When cared for properly, ostrich leather wallets, ostrich handbags, ostrich boots, and ostrich dress shoes should last a lifetime. Maintaining ostrich leather only requires occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and air drying. Cleaning agents, should never be used on leather and pieces should never be put into the dryer. In the case of a stain, a reputable leather cleaner should be consulted.
The Price of Ostrich Leather
Along with exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile, and stingray, ostrich leather doesn’t come cheap. Because of their distinctive pattern and elegant feel, products made from this bird’s skin are highly in demand. Adding to the cost, ostrich hides are relatively small, and it takes quite a few to complete a larger item such as an ostrich coat or ostrich jacket.

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